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Decking Warrington

Softwood, hardwood or composite decking is an ideal, low maintenance option for improving your garden, expanding your useable outside space and is a fantastic addition to any garden landscaping project. Hard and softwood decking brings a natural warmth to your outside space whilst composite decking can offer either the warmth of traditional decking or a stylish, modern look and feel. Whatever your preference, adding a decked area to your garden gives you a low maintenance space to relax and entertain.

Decking Installation

Our team will offer the best advice, service and workmanship to ensure your garden decking installation not just meets but exceeds your expectations.

We are experienced in the installation of all decking types and have completed over 50 decking projects over the last two decades throughout Warrington, Stockton Heath, Appleton, Stretton, Walton and Lymm.

If you would like a obligation free quotation for a decking project, please call Mike on 07958 245 501 (daytime) or 01925 365 849 (evening) or email us anytime - [email protected]


Typically decking an area of 10m2 will cost upwards of £800.00 using the most cost-efficient softwood decking. Hardwood decking a similar sized area costs in the region of £1500.00 (depending on the wood chosen) whilst composite decking typically costs in the region of £1200.00 for a similar sized area and again depending on the chosen product.

Composite decking costs will range substantially depending on the quality of the product with more cost-effective solutions offering less longevity and resilience, for that reason we always recommend using a quality composite decking from an established manufacturer such as Millboard.

Softwood decking is best for?

Most decking projects...
Softwood decking such as Pine or Cedar is the most affordable decking material and is pressure treated so that it typically remains in good condition for around 10-15 years with yearly cleaning and oiling. Typically softwood boards have a smooth side and a grooved (anti-slip) side and is light in appearance unless treated with a tinted decking oil. Softwood decking is the most popular choice for the majority of decking projects due to its balance of affordability, durability and ability to blend with the rest of your garden landscape project, whether a traditional or more modern look is desired.

Hardwood decking is best for?

When you really want that WOW factor...
Hardwood decking is typically made from Iroko or Teak wood and provides a superior finish to softwood that with the correct maintenance can easily last upwards of 30 years. Hardwood decking is usually smooth and the colour will depend largely on the wood chosen and any decking oil used. Whilst hardwood will outlast softwood and typically have a more impressive appearance the costs are often prohibitive for anything other than moderate sized decking projects however if longevity and the look and feel of your decking is paramount then nothing compares.

Composite decking is best for?

When low maintenance is crucial...
Composite decking offers several advantages over softwood or hardwood decking solutions, not least the range of colours and styles available from a manmade product. Whilst typically cheaper than hardwood and more expensive than softwood it will also remain in good condition for longer than softwood, depending largely on the quality of the product used but with much less maintenance. Composite decking is often a good choice in the UK, where factors such as the weather can play a large part in the longevity and appearance of a natural product such as hard or softwood decking.